Newt gets religion

So Newt Gingrich has converted to Catholicism. Now why do you think he picked that particular religion? And does 2012 have anything to do with it? No, according to erudite Newt:

When you have 2,000 years of intellectual depth surrounding you, it’s comforting.

Well I’m happy for you, Newt, that you find it comforting to debate whether the pope’s infallible, or whether Jesus had separate or combined god-man natures. But it might have helped if you’d had your comforting Catholic beliefs before you divorced your first wife as she was struggling with uterine cancer, or before you condemned Bill Clinton while you were committing adultery with your Catholic now-third-wife.

And don’t you have to get that infallible pope to annul your first two marriages so you’re not living in mortal sin for the rest of your life?

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