The August wee-wees

April is the cruelest month, but August is the craziest. Seems like it all began with poor John Kerry, whose boat swiftly sank in August of ’04, and then the next year Katrina took down Bush (and a lot of innocent collateral bystanders). In August of ’06 there was that plot to blow up 10 airplanes, Heathrow closed down, and the TSA inherited thousands of water bottles. Then the Minneapolis bridge fell down, and finally, last year . . . well, let’s just try to forget about Sarah Palin.

Now that we have a name for it (and a definition, courtesy of a reluctant Robert Gibbs), maybe we can all just chill along with Obama and wait for September (oh wait – last year, September was worse!). October, then. We’ll have health care reform by October, right?

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