Fox News: Gladly suffering fools

So it turns out there are twice as many conservatives among the rich as among the poor, and of course they’re going to be against any plan that taxes them to pay for some health-care giveaway to people who haven’t pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, or shouldn’t be in this country anyway.

But what about the lower-income people who vote against their own interests? The people who, for example, ignored the charts that showed their taxes would be lower under Obama, and voted for McCain (and Palin, god help us)?

I know one of these people. She’s against health-care reform, even though she couldn’t afford health insurance if her small-business employer didn’t (out of the kindness of his heart) pay the premiums. Why?

Because she watches Fox News. She’s Catholic, and so she, along with 69% of other Fox News watchers, believes the plan will include government-financed abortions. And the government will make decisions about when to cut off elder-care (she’s with 75% here). And illegal immigrants will get health care (72%).

Rupert Murdoch, and Roger Ailes, and Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly (not to mention all the buxom look-alike long-legged blondes pretending to report the news): the rich people thank you, and you’re doing a great job conning everybody else.

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