They want their country (of rich white men) back

I’ll admit it: I used to say I wanted my country back too. But I meant the country that had a president who didn’t lie to us – who didn’t invade other countries based on non-existent evidence; who didn’t claim to help the economy by cutting taxes on the rich; who didn’t trash the environment and deny global warming.

Now, the people who want their country back are basing this on more lies – that a health care plan that includes a public option is socialism; that they want to take your doctor away; that Obama wants death panels.

I think the ordinary people yelling at these town meetings don’t realize something: the right-wingers who told us Bush’s lies, who now tell health-care lies, don’t care about them. They care about keeping themselves – rich, white, privileged, and, for the most part (Sarah Palin not withstanding), men – in power.

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