Momentarily forgetting Sarah Palin

I worked as a research assistant for a psychoanalyst right after college. He was studying “momentary forgetting,” like when you suddenly forget what you were just about to say. His theory was that it’s triggered by talking about painful or difficult issues – and it did seem to happen a lot in his therapy sessions.

I’d listen to his sessions (the ones his patients had given him permission to tape), and transcribe the paragraph or two preceding and following the momentary forgetting. Then we’d do a content analysis to see what was going on. The whole process took years, but we finally concluded his hypothesis was correct.

But oh my god could we have used word clouds! I love them, and I’ve just discovered I can add them over here on the right – making things look a little messy, but oh so much more interesting. I love how Bush and Cheney are sandwiched in there between Roman festivals and all kinds of Catholic and Christian stuff, with a tiny little atheism taking a stand. And then we have Jesus, marriage equality, and OBAMA, all nicely placed.

And dear Sarah Palin: I’m sorry you’re so tiny. Maybe I’ll have to make it up to you – could you please do the next thing you’re going to do?

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