Happy Birthday, Birthers!

(and to Obama as well).

Republicans are strange ducks. Nearly 60% of them aren’t sure Obama was really born in the United States, but they sure didn’t seem to care too much about George Romney (born in Mexico), or John McCain (born on a military installation in Panama, but not on true-blue (excuse me, true-red) American soil).

Well, today is their day. They could be hauling out even more fake birth certificates, but instead they’re yelling at people in town meetings and sending around false emails so that health-care insurers can keep on making money.

Lying about where our president was born is one thing. Lying to protect the interests of the rich, and deprive the poor of health care, is quite another.

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One Response to Happy Birthday, Birthers!

  1. M. Kenny says:

    I think Bill Maher summed it up nicely:
    “I’ll show you Barack Obama’s birth certificate when you show me
    Sarah Palin’s high school dipoloma”…..

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