Emanuel, please contact Sam

If Emanuel Swedenborg had been at my house for dinner (assuming I was living in Gothenburg, which is where he was dining) on July 19, 1759, and if he had described a fire in Stockholm, 300 miles away, that was at that moment threatening his house; and if, a few hours later, he told me it had been extinguished, and his house was saved; and if, two days later (since news traveled slowly then), every detail of his account had been confirmed by a messenger from Stockholm, my entire world view would be forever changed.

If this really happened, as all historical accounts say it did, it means that consciousness does not always coincide with the physical location of the brain – just as Dr. Sam Parnia is speculating.

I hope that Swedenborg, who was a scientist as well as a philosopher, is somewhere up there guiding the AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study. Maybe their consciousnesses can get in touch.

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