The way it was

I have a very liberal friend whose co-workers are all Republicans. One day she happened to mention the word torture, apropos of the Bush administration, and one of them said, “Torture? Where’d you read that – in one of your lefty blogs?”

“No,” she replied, “In the New York Times.”

That didn’t help much.

Back in the golden days of Walter Cronkite, it seemed that news was news, without slant or spin; and the day he turned against the Vietnam War the difference between fact and opinion was very clear.

Now we have “fair and balanced” Fox News and Keith Olbermann, and if what’s reported doesn’t agree with your politics you can just blame the source.

He said after he retired (and maybe after he died) he was going to go to some perch somewhere and hope people would ask him, “Didn’t you used to be Walter Cronkite?”

I hope he’s found that perch.

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