Faith and falling in love

My true-atheist friend and I were talking the other day, believe it or not, about how faith is a gift. It would be so great, we both agreed, to think you’d be reunited with your family when you died (assuming you liked your family, of course. And I wonder what you’d do about that, if you didn’t. But I guess in heaven all the bad stuff in people’s personalities goes away, and you’re just left with the real lovely essence of the person. And the really bad people, who don’t have too much of that lovely essence, would all be in hell anyway.).

She said at least I had a head start, being brought up in a religion. But then it didn’t feel like a gift, it felt like an order. And maybe that’s why now, I just can’t do it. I can’t get there anymore.

I think it must be like falling in love – it’s not a rational process.

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