Not quite ready to go

One of my current hospice patients was sent home from the hospital with just two weeks to live. Her daughter, at the suggestion of the hospice nurse, decided to reassure her mother it was okay to die. She said the family would miss her, but they’d be fine, a loving thank you and good bye sort of speech – whereupon her mother sat up and said “I’m not ready to go yet.”

It’s now two years later, and this woman has just stopped eating. All this time she’s just been lying in a bed, unable to communicate, but now it seems she’s ready.

I wonder how we decide these things.

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2 Responses to Not quite ready to go

  1. Dan LeBlanc says:

    Two years unable to communicate and lying in a bed? Now she speaks…very confusing for the daughter indeed. Prayers and hope for all involved.

  2. This is testimony to the strength of one’s spirit.

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