Festival of Juno Caprotina and more on. . .

Juno Caprotina was a Roman goddess of fertility with a cult-like following, especially among enslaved women; geese, believe it or not, were sacred to Juno.

I’ll let you guess who that brings to mind. I did have another thought about that narcissist-who-will-be-nameless (for legal reasons): she could feed her fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance and beauty pretty easily by doing a talk show on Fox (well, maybe not the brilliant part). But since she consulted two right-wing political gurus (one of whom single-handedly saved New York on September 11, the other of whom single-handedly kept all of us safe after September 11) instead of Rush Limbaugh, I’m still going with my original prediction.

She’s going to try to be The One.

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