The Dog Days

It’s kind of a nice idea, that the heat at this time of year is due to the brightest star in the sky rising and setting with the sun; and that the ancient Romans called the days of this conjunction caniculares dies because this star, Sirius, is in the constellation Canis Major.

They begin today, by old English tradition; or on July 6, says The Book of Common Prayer (weighing in on this important matter for some reason); or July 23 or 24 in ancient Rome; all of which points to I really must get over my obsession with dates.

And also, if you look at a star chart, Sirius these days doesn’t track with the sun at all; and if you want to impress someone as you’re drinking your G&T on one of these days, tell them about how it’s all  because of the precession of the equinoxes.

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One Response to The Dog Days

  1. Dan LeBlanc says:

    Ah yes the “Dog Star” one of the brightest (I think?)and my favorite because of my love of dogs. I don’t drink G&T, but I’ll toss back a beer to the earth’s wobble. Happy 4th!

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