Karl Rove’s crumbling stonewall

The Stonewall demonstrations happened on my birthday, but it’s not because I was doing so much celebrating forty years ago that I missed the news. Most everyone else did too.

Six months later Karl Rove’s father left his family. Turns out he was gay, and he wasn’t even really Karl’s father.

Fast-forward to election year, 2004. Gay marriage bans are making the news, big time, courtesy of. . . Karl Rove.

Now the backlash has begun. Six states; more to come. Thank you, Karl Rove, Karl Rove’s father, and the guys at the Stonewall Inn in 1969, for raising our awareness of how unjust it all has been.

And I’m quite proud to celebrate my birthday on Gay Pride Day.

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4 Responses to Karl Rove’s crumbling stonewall

  1. Toby Marotta says:

    Hi, Bobbie,

    Early in the 1970s I leapt out of the closet by writing my Ph.D. dissertation on the politics of homosexuality. My thesis dwelt on the Stonewall Riots and the resulting political organizing because the involved lesbians and gay men I interviewed inspired me to join their newborn crusade. A couple of years I set up this web site to honor their work by illustrating and explaining its roots. So glad to hear that you, too, have joined our merry chase!

    All best to you on the 40th anniversary of this historic, world-turning day.


  2. Dan LeBlanc says:

    It always boggles my mind that the people that are so full of hatred and commit the most “sins” always “thump the bible” the loudest’. It’s great to be able to hide behind religion so one can point one’s finger at everyone else, thereby taking suspicion off oneself. However, as your blog pointed out, that veil is eventually lifted and the person is found out for what he really is – a fraud.

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