Sun standing still for fathers

Like Eve being created from Adam’s rib, only backwards, Father’s Day came out of Mother’s Day one hundred years ago when Sonora Smart Dodd, listening to a sermon about Mother’s Day, thought there should be a Father’s Day too. She wanted it on her father’s birthday, June 5, but that didn’t work out so well, and it took a couple presidents to gradually make it official until finally, in June of ’72 when you’d think he might have been busy with other things, President Nixon declared the third Sunday in June national Father’s Day.

Today is also the solstice, which means “sun stand still.” It’s the only day you’re allowed to touch the stones at Stonehenge and the day when, if you’re looking at the sun from the Sphinx between the Pyramids, it forms the hieroglyph “horizon.”

I love seeing how far north the sun bends around to rise and set on this day except this June, as usual, there are only clouds.

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