Decoration/Memorial/Towel Day/

It used to be Decoration Day, and it used to be on May 30, but thanks to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act we now get a three-day weekend to start the summer and, (in that straw-man phrase that I blamed Bush for but now Obama is using far too often) some say (but at least I’m linking it to evidence that some actually do say) because of this we no longer remember what Memorial Day is supposed to memorialize.

In my little town they say the pledge of allegiance and sing patriotic songs and veterans give speeches and then everybody walks to a local cemetery to decorate graves, Monday or no Monday. This is a very nice little-town thing for any day of the week, but, as a non-combatant veteran of the Vietnam War, I’m not a fan of automatic patriotism; and my husband, not proud of that war they made him fight, won’t be speaking.

But my real beef with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act is that I don’t even get to talk about Towel Day.

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