Gemini and NASA

I see I have two neglected categories I need to get busy on: “Astrology,” and the one called “Dreams, consciousness, and weird things like that.”

The problem is that I’m just not that interested in astrology or dreams anymore. I used to write stuff about how Carl Jung believed the progression of the signs of the zodiac represented stages of personal growth and spiritual development. Well, though I’m a lot less smart, not to mention less spiritually developed, than Carl Jung, all that seems just too new-agey to me now.

So here we are in the sign of Gemini, and the most interesting thing about that, to me, is that NASA named a whole space program after it. The program’s goal was to develop a two-man spacecraft, and so they used the Gemini glyph (which sort of looks like the Roman numeral II) and the two Castor and Pollux stars as its logo. I like that.

But I’m going to have to work on these categories more, I guess, so my growth doesn’t get too stunted.

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