StarPower: a good game for atheists

When you write a blog, at least a WordPress blog, you get cool statistics about how many people viewed your post and where they came from. So far, my all time record is for an entry I called “StarPower, the game.”

Although I’m not really interested in tailoring my writing to attract hordes of people, I liked this surge in readership, especially since I haven’t finished writing about StarPower yet. It brings up a lot of thoughts for me, like the idea that this whole world is a game, maybe set up by some really smart gamer-geek space aliens. And maybe there’s a whole world out there of people, like the cult around the movie The Matrix, who agree with me.

One of the most interesting aspects of the StarPower exercise was how angry the participants would get at us, the facilitators, when we turned the game over to them. As I wrote before, their attitude was: How dare we make them play a game that had no rules? What were they doing in this workshop anyway?

How do we find our way out of games with no rules? How do we make sense of what we’re doing here?

Gods, myths, divine revelation – they all help, for those who can believe. Religions are great: they have lots of rules, and usually explain what we’re doing here in the first place. And in most religions, if you’re good, the game has a pretty great ending.

If you’re a true-atheist, though, the game, this life, is all there is. The rules are yours to make. You’re not a victim, or a subject: you’re finding your own way, standing on your own two feet, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps – just like a good Republican. Oh no, wait – they don’t like atheists, for some reason.

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