Feast of the Finding of the True Cross

I used to think that because so many people for so many centuries believed in Jesus, there must be something to it (omitting Yahweh, Mohammed, Buddha and who knows how many others out of ignorance, not prejudice).

But here is one strange story. Remember that tree of life that the Norse god Odin hung himself on before he got resurrected? Well, there was apparently another tree of life in the Garden of Eden. When Adam was dying his son, Seth, put a seed from this tree in his father’s mouth and a new tree grew. This tree was cut down eventually and made into a bridge; and after some complicated business involving the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, it was dug up after being buried for fourteen centuries and used for the True Cross upon which Jesus was hung.

Story not over yet. Three centuries later, Helena, mother of King Constantine (whose conversion to Christianity and brutal repression of those who refused to believe resulted in my knowing a lot more about Jesus than Zeus), found this cross buried (again) in Jerusalem. On May 3, supposedly.

But maybe we’re not really supposed to believe all this, since the Second Vatican Council removed this feast from the liturgical calendar in 1970.

So what are we supposed to believe, after all these trees and all these gods? Well, one thing’s for sure – an awful lot of people, for an awful lot of centuries, have had a very strong need to believe.

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