Beltane/May Day

It’s funny that the Catholic Church, in its syncretic fashion, didn’t overlay some important feast on Beltane/May Day. It’s a pretty bad holiday, from a Christian point of view, with all those pagans worshipping that sun/fire god Bel and ritualistically driving their animals between two fires. And to the Druids it was even more important than Samhein, the cross-quarter day at the other side of the year, which got covered up by All Saints’ Day.

Then there’s that awfully phallic maypole, where boys and girls got all wrapped up together, banned not by the Catholics but by the Puritans in 1644.

And then there are all the Marxist International Workers’ Day connotations, not to mention the tanks and guns in Moscow.

Fortunately, Pope Pius XII finally got around to doing something about this in 1955. He gave St. Joseph a second feast day, and called him The Worker; but, unlike on Samhein/All Saints Day, you don’t have to go to church.

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