Walpurgisnacht, Odin, and Hitler

On April 22, Odin, the father of all the ancient Germanic gods, hung himself on the tree of life called Yggdrasil. On April 30, the ninth night, he beheld the Runes and died; at midnight he was resurrected.

On April 22, 1945, Hitler, holed up in his Berlin bunker, began screaming at his generals. The Soviets were advancing; the Reich was a failure and the end was near. During the next nine days, as the Chancellery was being bombed overhead, he dictated his will, married his mistress Eva Braun (after having her brother-in-law shot), poisoned his favorite dog (to be sure the cyanide capsules worked), and handed out the capsules to his new wife and secretaries.

On April 30 he shot himself, Eva Braun swallowed the poison pill, and their bodies were burned, as he had ordered, in the Chancellery garden.

In German folklore April 30 is Walpurgisnacht, when witches gather in the mountains and bonfires are burned to keep the dead and evil spirits away.

Now this is one weird coincidence, or not. Did Hitler plan it for this day? And did he also think he might be Odin, reincarnated?

Fortunately, nobody really believes in resurrection – or reincarnation for that matter – do they?

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2 Responses to Walpurgisnacht, Odin, and Hitler

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  2. perceptor1 says:

    It may be reading too much or too little into what Hitler truly believed. Hitler was impulsive and led by his whims. His beliefs came out the Thule Society and the Armanen priesthood which he tried to cover up. He was an occultist but few knew that about him. The horrible thing about Hitler’s death is that it did not occur much earlier. The Wehrmacht generals all knew that everything was lost in July 1944 when the Normandy invasion succeeded.
    Some have said that Hitler believed he was indwelt by the spirit of Woden, but who really can say? Hitler left no diary and only said in his last testament how much he wanted to destroy the Jews. One sick man who did so much harm in the world.

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