All this and more, in one hundred days

Let’s not even look at the big stuff. Some of Bush’s smaller messes, which Obama has reversed in these short days, may have escaped our attention (though they’re really not small, when you think about it – they were cruel, ideological, unscientific, and disastrous). Here are just a few that come to mind:

• Stem cell research
• Greenhouse gases and the EPA
• Funds to foreign family planning organizations
• Medical marijuana in California
• Oil and gas leases in national parks
• Guns in national parks
• Cuba
• Closing Guantanamo
• “Provider Conscience Rule”
• Pictures of war caskets
• Troop drawdown in Iraq
• Scientific input to Endangered Species Act
• State fuel efficiency standards
• Equal pay for equal work
• Ending torture
• Releasing torture memos
• Plan B for teenagers
• Restrictions on presidential records
• Coastal oil and gas drilling

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