Lest we forget

On the last day of the month named for the god of war:

  • Nearly one full year before the Iraq war began, on March 31, 2002, Cheney informed Republican senators that the question of the U.S. invasion was not if, but when. (He told them they couldn’t tell anybody, so there are no direct quotes from this meeting.)
  • On March 31, 2003, NBC fired its Baghdad correspondent Peter Arnett for saying, on Iraqi TV, that the Pentagon’s war plan had failed; on the same day, FOX removed their correspondent, Geraldo Rivera, from Iraq because he revealed the location of his embed unit.
  • And on March 31, 2004, the Blackwater contractors were dragged through the streets of Fallujah and hung from a bridge – nearly a year after Bush, after taking off his fancy flight suit, declared “mission accomplished.”

Take a huge dose of intellectual arrogance, add in the total failure of the fourth estate, mercenaries paid to kill, and a frat boy for president, and you get what the Brookings Institution called “a strategic blunder of truly historic proportions.”

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