Our Lady of Guadeloupe, redux

The only bad thing about the good old days, when the right wing was in power, was that they had a relatively narrow target for their anger – those ridiculous “liberals,” and the mainstream media who (very theoretically) supported them.

Now, they have both content – all the policies and decisions and Bush reversals of the new administration – as well as ad hominem attacks at their disposal. So I guess it’s a good thing that we hear so much about Obamamessiah and teleprompters, and now Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated visit to Our Lady of Guadeloupe – and that things like alternate budget or stimulus proposals don’t get too much play.

When I wrote about her on St. Patrick’s Day, I never would have thought that we’d all be learning so much about this Lady so quickly (and I have to confess that, even though I grew up Catholic, I’d never heard of this miraculous cloak).

Okay, the State Department should have briefed Clinton better (i.e. tell her God painted it, so she wouldn’t need to ask). But, as Ann Althouse put it: “If God were going to suddenly make a painting, wouldn’t it be… uh… you know… better?”

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