GOCE, and the purpose of life

So reincarnation is a very appealing idea – if you’ve been good, that is. Like you could come back as a great artist, or Sasha in the White House, or maybe just go straight to Nirvana. But it’s complicated to execute, if you’re the Being in charge of all this – you’d be busy all the time making decisions about who gets to do what, who goes down, who goes up. . .

What I think of as the Super Geek theory makes more sense – the cosmic computer game. We’re kind of like a huge reality show to them; they’re up there laughing sometimes, horrified at others. What will those crazy Earth people do next? Will they get themselves out of their financial mess? Will they keep killing each other? Do we need to send another Jesus down?

Maybe they’re impressed, though, that we’ve figured out we don’t stick to the earth as hard in some places as in others (gravity varies, in more scientific terms). Apparently they forgot to make the Earth ball perfectly round.

(It stands for Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer, and it’s due to launch from Russia today.)

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