Mamurius, Jim Cramer, and the Fourth Estate

He was dressed only in skins, beaten with rods, and driven out of the city by the ancient Romans on the fourteenth of March. Mamurius was a scapegoat, atoning for the sins of the old year.

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” looked like he was clad only in his skin as Jon Stewart beat him in his interview the other night.

Cramer, unlike most scapegoats, was guilty, of treating the financial crisis like a game show if nothing else. But, as Stewart said at one point, “It’s not about you.”

The sins are much larger, larger than Cramer and larger than CNBC. It took a comedian to stand up to the “System” that Thomas Lawson was talking about – the system of corporations that managed this game show.

Although MSNBC producers were apparently asked not to mention the interview, at least Rachel Maddow gave it some attention – two minutes’ worth.

The Fourth Estate. Owned by the System.

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