St. David’s Day

“Do the little things in life,” he said, and doveSt. David’s funny little miracle does just that. As he was preaching outside one day in sixth-century Wales, some people at the back complained they couldn’t see him. So, just like Broadway stagecraft, the ground he was standing on rose up – and a dove landed on his shoulder, making things just a bit less prosaic.

He was born during a great storm, but a brilliant sun shone March 1st, the day he died. In like a lion, out like a lamb.

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2 Responses to St. David’s Day

  1. terrymarotta says:

    who was St. David? Can you tell us some inside dope, something between wikipedia’s version and The Lives of the Saints’? I never heard of him !

  2. celebratingtime says:

    Now how would I get some inside dope, except through these lucid dreams that I don’t seem to be having? (plus it’s really hard to get anything beyond what wikipedia has, even though much of what they have is probably apocryphal)

    They love him in Wales, where he’s the patron saint, and a lot of wells are named after him. His cathedral, where his devotees come for pilgramages, is in the beautiful town of St. Davids, on the Pembrokeshire coast. You and David should go there to celebrate his name! It’s where we did our 5 day walking trip along the coast.

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