February time

180px-les_tres_riches_heures_du_duc_de_berry_fevrier2The calendar illustrations in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry contain everything that fascinates me about time, and if this were a book, each month would begin with a picture like this.

But since this just occurred to me, we’ll settle for today: the last day for doing February things. The people in the white-capped village trudge through the snow, split wood, shiver in the cold, and huddle by the fire (with no underwear!). The two domes above mark three kinds of time for them: days, driven by the sun chariot; months, measured by the phases of the moon; and the mandala of the zodiac, where Aquarius and Pisces share the sky.

It’s all in one illuminated time capsule: the tasks of ordinary time, connected to the circular wheel of the seasons; and eternal time: sun, moon and stars.

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