Dreaming Pisces

Once I had a dream about dreaming – you could call it a meta-dream I guess. In this dream I somehow learned that there are three types of dreams. The first is just random processing of the day’s events, like getting rid of toxins. Most of my dreams these days are like this: I’ll wake up and find I’ve dreamt about a spool of thread, for example. It’s embarrassing.

Then there are dreams that lead to insight or understanding about one’s own life. In this category I’d put the dream I had about one of my good friends at the company where I worked. She had been my boss several years before, and had offered me a job working for her once more. She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and working for her was very comforting because there was always the safety net of her intelligence. In the dream I told her I couldn’t do it; that I couldn’t be that dependent on her again. I hadn’t realized that I had moved on until I had that dream; that I was ready to trust my own safety net.

The dream I’m writing about here is an example of the third type – the ontological dream. They explain something about the nature of reality, and they’re unconnected with one’s own life. When I wrote that dream down, those many years ago, I wrote “It was revealed to me . . .” I would no longer say that: for one thing, it sounds rather narcissistic; and for another, the rationalist (or the cynic?) in me says that of course my own brain produced it. But it felt very special, and real.

I haven’t had one of those dreams in years. I’d like to try to cultivate them, if that’s possible.

Pisces, water sign of the swimming fish, linked to the unconscious, begins today. Seems like a good time to try.

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