Waking up

As I’ve said, this book of mine was a guided journal, more like a workbook rather than a book. I gave it to my mother to read about a month before she died; her only comment was, “Who’s going to go to all this work?”

Every day there was a little task for the reader. In January there was a whole process to define goals for the year and an action plan to achieve the goals (I was using many of the techniques of the management consulting company I started in the early ‘90s). Aquarius and water-bearing seemed like a time to get creative, so in February there were exercises like meditation, imagining a wise person’s advice, looking at the world in new ways . . .

Each day I both wrote it and then did what I had told the reader to do. It was fun – but my mother was probably right. I think the English publishing people sensed this too when they wanted me to have people go look for pine cones or angels instead of grappling with the purpose of their lives.

I keep reading that blogs are now becoming passé (help! I just started!). That’s okay. I have only a tiny little group of readers, and I’m no longer creating astrology-themed exercises for them (which I’m sure is a relief). This blog is really for me, in the same way my book was. It wakes me up; makes me pay attention to what has happened in history, the world, the season, my daily life. And, extra added bonus – writing it makes me feel happy.

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