Ants, marking time

I thought I’d be writing here only about “meta-time,” things like what the Romans did on this date, or how the January cold makes us want to hibernate, or that the sun has now moved into Aquarius. The opposite of meta-time to me is Current Events, as we called it in school, or, smaller still, My Diary – what I did today. Meta-time links us to a higher perspective. What I or others did today is ephemeral.

This week has made me realize that this time, “this moment” to quote our new President, is meta-time. We are living history.

In the picture taken from space yesterday, all the people at the Inauguration looked like anthills. Chip and my true-atheist friend both think we are like ants: Dust to dust and all that.

But ants, seen from our perspective, have a purpose. And those anthills yesterday?

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One Response to Ants, marking time

  1. sarahhoopes says:

    I am also interested in meta-time in relation to “this calendar date” in history. I’ve been exploring it with my diaries – for example I can look at what I was up to on January 21st in 1990, 1991, etc. Life distillation. Thanks for you post & best of luck. -SH

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