Hold on

Look at the news headlines this morning. There’s a truce – though who knows how long it will last – in Gaza. Russia and Ukraine seem to have figured out their gas problems. The stock market is closed. Bush hasn’t pardoned Scooter Libby yet. And whoever would have thought, eight years ago, that the next major plane crash in Manhattan would involve a miraculous, everyone-saved, crash landing on the Hudson?

More tiny signs from here at home: in January, when it’s supposed to snow, when it’s supposed to be cold, we have a dusting of snow and they’re ice skating on our creek!

Andrew Sullivan posted a long, thoughtful piece in the London Sunday Times yesterday. He describes Obama as having “an old soul’s perspective and an intellectually secure man’s confidence.” There’s something real about him, he says, that’s not just our projection.

Obama can do it, Sullivan concludes. But, he asks at the end, “Can we?”

Yes we can, by holding on, with all our strength, to our optimism.

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