The fires of St. Fursey

When you’re writing a book about dates you find out a lot of weird things. Catholic saints are a great resource, not only because each day is a feast day for about ten of them but because their lives were often filled with a combination of gruesome tortures and supernatural visions.

Today we have the obscure St. Fursey, a seventh century Irish monk who had a vision of four fires, representing Cruelty, Discord, Covetousness, and Falsehood, destroying the earth. Think about this, the day after Bush’s final (of the seemingly endless series of finals) hagiographic speech extolling his presidency.

Did he mention Cruelty, like how we, the United States of America, tortured?

Did he mention Discord, like in the Middle East where the freedom he supposedly brought was supposed to spread?

Or Covetousness, like those Masters of the Universe on Wall Street?

It was all Falsehood. He is almost over. The fires are still burning.

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