Everything happens for a reason

I envy people who believe in “God.” Lots of things would be easier. Take death. I know someone who literally believes all her dead family members are up there looking down at her; watching over her; waiting to be reunited with her. How comforting is that?

Belief orders the universe. “Everything happens for a reason.” So many people say this – I even used to say it myself. Now it makes me cringe. I also used to believe in “the positive energy of the universe.” I had this consulting company for a while, and my partner and I ran a workshop called “Personal Mastery.” We did hundreds of these things, at companies all over the country. People told us it changed their lives.

While I do believe this is true, the thought of leading a workshop like that now also makes me cringe. In one exercise, called the “Coat of Arms,” we had people draw symbols to represent the things they were proud of, their personal motto, what they were striving to become – new-agey stuff like that. We did one for ourselves as well. My personal motto (declaimed hundreds of times) was “Tune in to the positive energy of the universe.” I used to draw a plus sign and some notes on a scale.

One problem was that the plus sign looked like a cross, and the evangelicals who always seemed to pop up at things like this would indeed tune in, and I would have to backtrack from Jesus talk.

What on earth has happened to me? How did I become this cynical creature walking around wondering all the time why we’re here, but believing in nothing, no purpose?

Now, if they had only published my book . . .

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