St. Distaff’s Day

And so in this book of mine I would madly try to find a day in history that worked for my theme for that month. St. Distaff’s Day, in early England, was the day the women would resume their spinning after the holidays.

These early days of January do feel like a time to get organized though, don’t they? And yesterday, after years of thinking about it, I just decided to begin and see what happened.

Yesterday I visited my new hospice patient.  She looks perfectly normal; is dressed and walks around and talks like any person who doesn’t know yet when she’s going to die. She says she’s not afraid of being dead, just of the process of getting there.

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One Response to St. Distaff’s Day

  1. terrymarotta says:

    ha ha like Woody Allen. It’s not that I MIND dying; i just don’t want to be there when it happens”
    keep writing so I can link to you from my own logorrheic space!

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